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Dr. Chen Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

West Chester, PA

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About Us

About Dr. Chen

Healthcare may be the most important investment that you make because our health and well-being is our single most valuable asset. Without our health, we are in trouble. We can’t even enjoy a single moment when the health of family, friends or our personal health hangs in the balance. It really takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to helping others, working in constant danger and learning essential skills that change lives all day every day.

Dr. Chen is one of these dedicated healthcare providers. She is a true disciple of eastern and western medicine. Dr. Chen is trained in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with early training completed in China and Korea. She earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in the United States of America in Acupuncture and Occupational Therapy and has completed thousands of treatments ranging from early education all the way to treating neurological conditions and severe trauma. She has experience from hand therapy to women’s health strategies and hours worked in hospitals, universities and outpatient clinics. Her clinic is located in her beautiful private property. The atmosphere and attention to detail is vital to reaching the best outcomes. This office will meet your needs for cleanliness and personalized care plans. 

When your healthcare needs are not met time after time and you are just looking for a person that treats you, the patient, and not a laptop or insurance company as the most important thing in the room, call Yan Chen. Her experience and knowledge is second to none. Dr. Chen is one of the only people ever to earn a doctorate in Acupuncture and occupational therapy. This is truly holistic and serious healthcare solutions that will leave you more informed and feeling better than ever about your health going forward. 


– Graduated from Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China by 2005.

– Masters in Acupuncture from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017.

– Doctorate in Occupational therapy from the University of the Sciences in 2019.

– Doctorate in Acupuncture from Won Institute of Graduate Study in 2020.

– Research published in Journal of the American Society of Acupuncture on the effects of auricular point acupressure in college students for anxiety and quality of life.

– Worked in Temple University hospital in acute care rehab, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Trauma, NICU, Burn Unit, general medicine, Nova care hand therapy and Automobile accident-trauma, treatment and rehabilitation.

– Worked in Novacare in hand therapy

– Campus speaker at Temple University on preventative medicine and its ever growing importance.

– Campus speaker at Drexel university on eastern and Western medicine.

– Community service at Stephen Klein Wellness Cancer and Pro-Act

– Treatment in the United States exclusively since 2018.

Treatment experience in:

~Cancer therapies

~Musculoskeletal health

~Neurology and Physiological disorders

~Emotional disorders and Mental health


~Women’s Health

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